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You are, in the Brussels-Capital Region, a registered or accredited collector, dealer or broker of waste or an operator of a licensed facility for the collection or treatment of waste. Since 23 January 2017, a legal framework regarding the management of waste has been in force. This Brudalex (Bruxelles/Brussel-Déchets-Afvalstoffen-LEX – Brussels waste law) offers among other things an integrated approach to ensure the traceability of waste.

An important part of this traceability is the mandatory waste report. This report is submitted annually before March 15 according to the requirements in Brudalex.

As announced during the trainings on waste management, the waste report has been changed in terms of content and form. The reporting forms and instructions can be found on the Reporting Forms page and on the Brussels Environment web pages.

This web platform is developed for submitting of your waste report. This BRUDAWEB facilitates the exchange of data between Brussels Environment and its partners.

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